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Breeze Travel Inc. specializes in curating, matching, and electronically distributing Caribbean travel suppliers and experiences to demand-generating partners (sellers of travel). We offer solutions to travel agencies, travel advisors, tour operators, event planners, influencers, and anyone aspiring to sell curated Caribbean travel experiences without the hassle.


We provide access to content, rates, and inventory of curated Caribbean experiences such as niche, events, and muti-stop itineraries using directly contracted Caribbean travel suppliers including accommodation, transfer, tour, activity, and regional flight providers. 

many unique experiences!

Caribbean Travel and Tours  multi-stop trip

Connectivity Options

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Caribbean Travel & Tours exclusively offers curated Caribbean niche and multi-destination experiences. Agents can also design and book a trip of their own. Built to help travel agents sell more of the Caribbean.

API Connectivity

 We provide access to our Caribbean travel suppliers and experiences via multiple APIs. Develop a custom flow to requirements,  send pre-formatted requests, and receive real-time responses directly in your system. 

We offer Tour Operators, DMCs, and Travel Agencies to white label our planning, booking, and connectivity solutions. This is customizable and brandable with your itineraries. 

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