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Destination-as-a-Platform (DaaP)

Transform your destination website or DMC (destination management company) into a personalized and bookable marketplace.


Support, promote, and sell local travel suppliers with packaging options that include accommodations, tours, activities, transfers, and ferry operators with optional regional and international airlines.

DaaP is an out-of-the-box and customizable solution for destinations to offer seamless planning and personalized booking experiences for both consumers and trade.


DaaP includes an intuitively designed itinerary planner and booking engine. This enables destinations to offer bookable multi-stop, event, and niche experiences directly. This can be conveniently embedded into your existing website or we can work with your design team to develop a customized option.

Experiences can be pre-curated with sample itineraries that can be personalized (see below), or you may allow users to design their dream vacation.


Caribbean Travel and Tours sample itinerary

Our platform comes bundled with managed services and broad connectivity to offer a hands-off, hassle-free option to an otherwise laborious process. 


Power up your website with unique and bookable experiences! 

Breeze Travel dynamic packaging, booking engine, travel booking, hotels and flights reservation


To fast-track your time to market and reduce the strain on your internal resources of managing a travel program, we offer managed services to implement and manage your program. This removes the day-to-day hassle and allows you to focus on strategically promoting your destination.

Breeze Travel dynamic packaging, booking engine, travel booking, hotels and flights reservation

Dynamic Booking Engine with Itinerary Planner

Planning, Program and Campaign Management

Planning, Program and Campaign Management

System set up and integrations

Supplier Setup, Connectivity and Payments, and Fulfilment

Reach and exposure to travel advisors

Amplifying Your Reach to over 40K Travel Advisors

Breeze Travel Expertise and Support

Support and Reservation Services

APIs and integrations

APIs, Customizations and Direct Integrations

In a Nutshell: How We Work

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Image by Pablo García Saldaña

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