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Breeze Travel Inc. selects Busy Rooms CRS as its core technology partner.

Breeze Travel Inc. (BTI) is a young technology led service provider that is dedicated to helping digitally transform Caribbean travel has selected Busy Rooms, a leading central reservation platform to be the core of its eco-system.

BTI will utilize Busy Room’s cloud-based CRS along with its dynamic booking engine and distribution connectivity to centrally manage, sell, and distribute its curated experiences from 15 Caribbean destinations.

This partnership is also an integral part of Breeze Travel’s plans on designing marketplace for the travel trade and creating a hospitality membership-program to be launched in summer and fall 2022 respectively. Both programs will be aimed toward uniting and supporting Caribbean hospitality providers through digitalization and collaboration.

“Selecting Busy Rooms CRS as the core of our eco-system was the next step in creating a collaborative environment that was cloud-based, centralized, and connected. Busy Rooms CRS will enable us to be more efficient and offer more options to both our demand and supply partners.”

According to the Busy Rooms's VP of Americas, "As Busy Rooms CRS continues to make strides in the Caribbean market it aspires to build a community of mutually beneficial partnerships where the entire eco-system wins destinations, suppliers, sellers, and consumers."

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